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Android for Enterprise: A dream or reality?

There is a new android device introduced in the market every other day. This rapid growth has made Android one of the most used operating system (OS) in smartphones all over the world. A recent study has reflected that 60% of the current mobile devices are android supported.  As this mind boggling figure suggests, there is a large demand of latest android devices in market.

While meeting the demands of end users, Android has somehow overlooked the needs of an enterprise. Although the OS is loved by consumers, enterprises aren’t too thrilled with it. Continue Reading

custom software development
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6 Custom Software Development Clichés You Should Avoid

Let me ask you a simple question – will you choose common and ordinary over exclusive and unique? Well the answer isn’t too difficult to guess. Everybody likes uniqueness and exclusivity.

Then why do people dread custom software development and go for off-the-shelf products or solutions most of the time?

Market research shows that majority companies shy away from custom software development due to some clichés or stigmas attached to it.

Let’s dig into few custom software development clichés and find out the truth:

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Software Use Analysis Catalog Customization (Part-II)

Software Use Analysis Catalog Customization (P-II)

Hi and welcome again to the second series of IBM Endpoint Manager for software use analysis (SUA) catalog customization series. In my previous blog post I’ve explained about the steps that need to be follow for a catalog customization, you can read the previous post here. Today I’m going give a pictorial demonstration of catalog customization.

I’ve recently installed Vypress chat in my network and now I want to check whether the software product is detected or not. Just follow the simple steps. First log in to SUA. Continue Reading


SharePoint Backup Best Practice

A backup is a copy of data that is used to restore and recover that data after a system failure. While backups allow you to restore data after a failure they are also useful to keep for routine purposes. These purposes include copying a database from one server to another, setting-up database mirroring, and archiving to comply with regulatory requirements.

Types of backup in SharePoint 2013

  • Farm Backup
  • Site Collection Backup

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