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Custom Software vs Off-the-Shelf Software: What’s the Difference?

Software – Custom Vs Off-the-Shelf

One of the most common questions for the software companies is whether to build a customized software or get an off-the-shelf solution?

The answer lies in establishing a complete picture of what a business requires from the software, as well as the total cost of ownership associated with all options. Below are some points which should the organization should look into when it elect a customized or an off-the-shelf software. Continue Reading

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7 things you should look for SharePoint Security Audits

Now a days tools like SharePoint and Office 365 allows user to create their own sites and content repositories almost everyone carries a tablet or smartphone at work. These tools make it easy for end users to poke holes in an organization’s well thought out security policies without too much effort.

In this article, we will look at seven important points about SharePoint security audits. Follow these and your SharePoint security will all the better for it!

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Most Reliable Custom software development Company

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for specific user or within an organization. Custom software development services allow business to transform their daily operation into a specific business goals. Unlike off-the-shelf software applications, custom software has the remarkable ability to run exactly the way a client requirement and offers a number of benefits over licensing off-the-shelf software. Continue Reading

7 Amazing Ways to Avoid Android App Security Hacks
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7 Amazing Ways to Avoid Android App Security Hacks

Smart phones are an integral part of our lives with its ample benefits and features, but at the same time it causes several issues for our new generation. An average smartphone user checks their phone over a hundred times.The phone distracts, disrupts sleep, and overuse can lead to phone phobia. The other effect of over use on the phone is it may lead to eye, hand & posture problems. The most crucial risk is the risk of losing important personal & professional data.
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Copying SharePoint Files from One Document Library to Another

Copying Files from One Document Library to Another with Explorer View

This article discusses how to use the Open with Explorer command in SharePoint Online to view, copy, and move files in a library.

From time to time, you might need to copy or move one or more documents in a library to another library. For example, you might want to move all documents created over a year ago in one library to another library. Or, you might want to copy documents from a library that you own from one site to another library in a sub site. To do these operations, you can use the Open with Explorer command, which is an additional way to manipulate files in a SharePoint library. When you use this command, it opens Windows Explorer on your computer, but it displays the folder structure on the server computer that underlies the site. You can manipulate the files in the folder, such as copying, renaming, deleting, and so on.

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