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Custom Software vs Off-the-Shelf Software: What’s the Difference?

Software – Custom Vs Off-the-Shelf

One of the most common questions for the software companies is whether to build a customized software or get an off-the-shelf solution?

The answer lies in establishing a complete picture of what a business requires from the software, as well as the total cost of ownership associated with all options. Below are some points which should the organization should look into when it elect a customized or an off-the-shelf software. Continue Reading


Most Reliable Custom software development Company

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for specific user or within an organization. Custom software development services allow business to transform their daily operation into a specific business goals. Unlike off-the-shelf software applications, custom software has the remarkable ability to run exactly the way a client requirement and offers a number of benefits over licensing off-the-shelf software. Continue Reading


Linux Configuring YUM Custom Repository

Large Companies have some critical servers that contain sensitive information about the organization and sometimes very sensitive customer information as well. These companies won’t allow internet access to those critical servers and try to make them as secure as possible. Think about an organization running multiple RED HAT Linux Servers and won’t allow internet access to them, how they can achieve full proof security and have their systems up to date? Continue Reading

custom software development
Softwares, Technology

6 Custom Software Development Clichés You Should Avoid

Let me ask you a simple question – will you choose common and ordinary over exclusive and unique? Well the answer isn’t too difficult to guess. Everybody likes uniqueness and exclusivity.

Then why do people dread custom software development and go for off-the-shelf products or solutions most of the time?

Market research shows that majority companies shy away from custom software development due to some clichés or stigmas attached to it.

Let’s dig into few custom software development clichés and find out the truth:

Continue Reading