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How to Creat Manage Use Storyboards with Storyboard References

How to Create / Manage / Use Storyboards with Storyboard References

Storyboards were introduced by Apple to simplify the lives of iOS app developers. But some underlying complexities made the developer reluctant towards adopting the storyboards in their designing process. In order to overcome these barriers Apple introduced Storyboard References with iOS 9. The purpose of storyboard references is to make it easier to employ storyboards in projects.

This post will guide you on how to create storyboard references. Continue Reading

Cost of Mobile Apps in 2017

How Much Does A Mobile App Cost In 2017?

Do I really need a mobile app for my business? How much will it cost to develop a mobile application? What will be the impact of supplementing my business with a mobile application?

After seeing the surge in mobile applications, most businesses have shifted their focus on developing a mobile strategy. Although every business is trying to climb up the bandwagon; desperately seeking to incorporate mobile applications into their growth strategy, most businesses still fail to conceive the work and resources required to build a suitable mobile application. Continue Reading

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends in 2017 That Will Shape the Future
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Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends in 2017 That Will Shape the Future

Mobile has brought huge transformations into our lives, and it will not stop. The future of mobile applications is very promising for both consumers and businesses.

In recent years we have seen some tremendous development in mobile applications development. The past few years saw an aggressive encounter between iOS and Android, increased efforts in making mobile transactions more secure and improvement in the user interface to make mobile apps more interactive and convenient. Continue Reading

Why UX Matters To Develop a Successful Mobile App
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Why UX Matters To Develop a Successful Mobile App? Ultimate Guide

Everybody nowadays is hopping on the versatile application advancement bandwagon keeping in mind the end goal to bring in is great business returns, and this is the motivation behind why we have umpteen numbers of applications present out there on the app stores. Diving into mobile app development, one can obviously break down the way that the opposition is very stiff, and along these lines you have to extend your abilities in order to convey profoundly competitive tasks. Continue Reading

trend-of-android-app-development in 2016
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The Trend Of Android App Development In 2016

There are gazillions of applications available for the users today and by the end of this year application downloads are expected to reach to thousand more. In today’s rapidly changing world people have become psychologically obsessed with the trending technology and are getting used to the ease it provides with just a few clicks.

The race to top the list has always been beneficial for the end user due to whom organizations are compelled to innovate and think creatively of different ideas. Different kinds of applications are becoming the new hotspot because of the productivity and entertainment they produce for the users of different age. Continue Reading