7 Amazing Ways to Avoid Android App Security Hacks
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7 Amazing Ways to Avoid Android App Security Hacks

Smart phones are an integral part of our lives with its ample benefits and features, but at the same time it causes several issues for our new generation. An average smartphone user checks their phone over a hundred times.The phone distracts, disrupts sleep, and overuse can lead to phone phobia. The other effect of over use on the phone is it may lead to eye, hand & posture problems. The most crucial risk is the risk of losing important personal & professional data.

You can take the following steps to secure your data & avoid the nuisance of it’s after effects.

For avoiding viruses, malwares and in-turn loosing or compromising your data you should follow these seven steps.

1. For new mobile apps, always use the Official Android Market instead of third-party app stores or websites
2. Always research apps before installing and check publisher & app reviews
3. Only allow app-permissions if you trust the source
4. Install legitimate antivirus & security apps
5. Be aware of phishing scams & malware
6. Never allow rooting to any app requests
7. Enable lock screen security

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