Cost of Mobile Apps in 2017

How Much Does A Mobile App Cost In 2017?

Do I really need a mobile app for my business? How much will it cost to develop a mobile application? What will be the impact of supplementing my business with a mobile application?

After seeing the surge in mobile applications, most businesses have shifted their focus on developing a mobile strategy. Although every business is trying to climb up the bandwagon; desperately seeking to incorporate mobile applications into their growth strategy, most businesses still fail to conceive the work and resources required to build a suitable mobile application. Continue Reading

Google Tv Ads
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Google now Allows TV Ad Buying via its DoubleClick Bid Manager

Google Bid Manager will now allow advertisers to manage television ads alongside digital. In an effort to level up its game in the market, Google now integrates television and digital media ad buying in Google DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Previously, the Bid Manager allowed advertisers to run and track their online campaigns, but with this new feature, it will add convenience and coherence in marketing efforts for the advertisers. Continue Reading

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How to Integrate SharePoint with MS Outlook

Wouldn’t it be more convenient and beneficial if you are able to manage your Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint from the same place? Well, it will certainly save you lots of time. And besides, switching between apps for every small task is nothing less than a vexing thing to do. And after all, what good is technology if it doesn’t appease our lives. Continue Reading

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends in 2017 That Will Shape the Future
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Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends in 2017 That Will Shape the Future

Mobile has brought huge transformations into our lives, and it will not stop. The future of mobile applications is very promising for both consumers and businesses.

In recent years we have seen some tremendous development in mobile applications development. The past few years saw an aggressive encounter between iOS and Android, increased efforts in making mobile transactions more secure and improvement in the user interface to make mobile apps more interactive and convenient. Continue Reading

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